Museums of Art Sharing Knowledge.

About Us

MASK Consortium is a coalition of museums and educational institutions sharing knowledge. Its mission is to synthesize a more complete understanding of history, culture, and humanity, through the preservation, digitization and virtualization of art and historical artifacts.

MASK was formed in response to the unmet needs of artists, museums, art and educational institutions, which needed to devise ways to continue to connect and engage with audiences, in the era of COVID, but lacked an even cursory understanding of the various method and methodologies that this could be leveraged to accomplish this end.

MASK was formed to be able to bridge the gap in traditional venue-based offerings, and the needs of virtual or remote audiences, by providing engaging, rich, content, in immersive interactive virtual environments.

Frictionless Access to Content & Artists

Experience exhibitions on your own Gallery website without having to download an app. Your audience will appreciate being able to tour collections in one click. Your collectors will appreciate getting to understand the pieces on their own, while having access to the gallery and artist to address their questions.


Explore diverse virtual environments, real and imagined. Experience virtual spaces via multiple devices (Mobile, Desktop, Wearable Tech-Goggles). View 3D artwork, in consideration for purchase using Augmented Realty (Hologram). Hear Spatial Audio (3D sound) as you listen to voiceovers, atmospheric tones, or complete scores along with your exploration.

MASK uses technology to conduct the Digital Heritage Preservation of the Artifacts, to create a Catalog/Database of the information around these works. This electronic data capture and corresponding information will be made globally available via the Internet.

Interactive & Informative

Take a self-guided tour of exhibition, with the ability to view pieces from all angles, with zoom in-out capability. Experience one-click, in-depth information of artworks (Artist, Dimensions, Materials, etc.). Host Private Access to Artist Studios and Galleries.

At MASK, we provide Deep-Click Measurement reports on what spaces, pieces, and information generate the most interest. We also support Livestream metrics and chat content provide a view into the media, social, cultural pulse.

News & Updates

CMAA $1MM Grant: Cultural Museum of African Art receives $1MM Grant to create Exhibition Space at Restoration Plaza, Brooklyn

African Burial Grounds : Community Board 1, City, State & Federal reps support MASK plan for 22 READE