The Chazen Museum of Art at the University Wisconsin-Madison
MASK intervenes, imploring the institution to engage criticism and change policies while studying the object deeply. The Museum Director courageously accepted MASK’s offer, allocating $500k for  the project and partnering in raising  another $1MM to meet the project’s evolving aspirations.

 Amy Gilman, Director of the Chazen Museum of Art
“The re:mancipation project, explores the very nature of a museum collection: how we collect, display, interpret, and discuss the objects in our care.  And, crucially, who controls the narrative around those works. By partnering with Sanford Biggers and MASK consortium, we have radically expanded the methods of interpretation. We have done this collectively by putting aside longstanding assumptions about how to display and interpret objects, grounding our work in deep research and analysis, utilizing new technologies and inviting artists of all stripes to respond from their own areas of expertise. “