What began as a seemingly insurmountable task to grapple with a challenging object in The Chazen Museum of Art’s collection has developed into an initiative with wider reach and deeper impact than imagined. This documentary is one component of the larger project and is designed to bring forward work done to date, highlight artistic engagement and response, and inspire conversation and introspection.

re:mancipation is a multifaceted, multiyear project that incorporates traditional art historical methods and introduces new technologies to research and interpretation. Our goal is to recontextualize and reinterpret Thomas Ball’s Emancipation Group to engage with the history of racism in American culture, collecting practices of museums, and public monuments.

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Attend our panel & workshop at 2024 American Alliance of Museums Annual Conference

  • 5/18 Panel: Leveraging Permanent Collection Objects for Collaboration and Change
  • 5/19 Workshop: Trust the Process: Working with Others to Reimagine Object Interpretation
Look for the upcoming release of the re:mancipation exhibition catalogue this spring.