NYU PopConference 2021
Turn and Face the Change: A Pop Convergence On Music and Flux– April 22-25, 2021. PopCon is the premier music, writing and popular music studies conference since 2002. This years participants included academic & pop culture luminaries such as:
  • Ann Powers (Journalist, NPR)
  • D-Nice (DJ, Activist | Club Quarantine)
  • Prof. Daphne Brooks (Black Studies Department, Yale University)
  • Dr. Joan Morgan (Author “When Chickenheads Come Home To Roost”)
  • Jon Caramonica (Journalist, NY Times)

MASK Consortium and Virtual Live Experiences produced content, conducted multi-room simultaneous live streams and activated broadcast production capabilities to improve the implementation of the 2021 Pop Convergence Conference for the NYU Clive Davis Institute for Recorded Music. Chairperson, Jason King, and conference Co-executive producer, Oliver Wang, expressed that the 2020 virtual version of the conference was a less-than fluid experience for the attendees and panelists and that their team had a corollary pre-production workload that they were not able to support.


  • Conference Talent Production
  • Live Streaming Production