MASK Consultation Services

MASK consults with artists, institutions, governing bodies, non-governmental organizations, not-for-profits, and educational institutions who are interested in leveraging technology to preserve, protect and distribute artistic, cultural or historic content. 

Art Museums & Institutions are under pressure to become egalitarian, multiracial & pluralistic; in staffing, administration, collecting and exhibiting.  Such institutions require professional guidance from underrepresented demographics as to how to collect, display, interpret, and discuss objects outside of the institution’s traditional lens.  

Science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics or S.T.E.A.M. has been a heavily touted and funded concept, but few initiatives with the moniker achieve the spirit of this educational approach. MASK facilitates and stimulates fluid, dynamic, and relevant learning through multidisciplinary inquiry, dialogue, critical thinking and collaborative processes.

Recent trends show an increase in countries successful attempts to reclaim artifacts looted in the colonial era and beyond. Museum’s collections are under assault and scrutiny. Digital preservation provides a means of study should restitution duly claim that object for return to its rightful owner

MASK helps develop scholarship and curricula to enable various disciplines to study and contribute in the areas of Art, Anthropology, History, Engineering, Religion, Sociology and Politics.
  • We maintain technically superior tools, workflows & deliver an exceptional product
  • We are Black & Women owned, run, and staffed
  • Our extensive relationship network provides access to elusive talent 
  • We have a proven track record with known institutions
  • We provide art & technology skills training for underserved communities