Space Scan

Chazen Museum of Art Museum Director, Amy Gilman, was surprised to learn that a campus construction project would force her to, not only close close an entire wing of the Elvehjem Building, but also, de-install all the art, due to environmental risks posed by construction on the building envelope. MASK captured space scans as a means of archival documentation to:

  • Create a reference for the placement of works in the impacted areas
  • Create a connected set of virtual tours which enable museum patrons to visit the art in the impacted areas during closure
  • Floors 3 & 4 of the Elvehjem are 20,000 sq feet of gallery space. With limited time to perform captures before art de-installation, and the experience of using different capture techniques to achieve different goals (overall space documentation vs object focus), MASK accomplished the primary objective of documenting the impacted areas and objects.

Diversity Equality & Inclusion (DEI) – Art Museums & Institutions are under pressure to become egalitarian, multiracial & pluralistic; in staffing, administration, collecting and exhibiting.  Such institutions require professional guidance from underrepresented demographics as to how to collect, display, interpret, and discuss objects outside of the institution’s traditional lens.  cultural purview or with c

Artifact Restitution: Recent trends show an increase in countries successful attempts to reclaim artifacts looted in the colonial era and beyond. Museum’s collections are under assault and scrutiny. Digital preservation provides a means of study should restitution duly claim that object for return to its rightful owner

Artifact Restoration through digital reverse engineering